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Posted 2013 Schedule


Corrected link for Santa Clara Racing Association on Local Links


Updated Contacts


The website crashes! After a couple of years of neglect, the server looses it! We did not do it!!!

Summary of racing in Coronado added see Racing Information., Great Superboat for sale! (see Marketplace)


updating website - in progress.


Posted 2009 Schedule


updated scheduled, edited homepage, updated fleet captain contact info


posted the preliminary 2008 schedule


Added summary of Jan 13 racing


Posted NOP for the Fleet 3 White Elephant Party.


2007 Bay to Bay NOR posted.


Invitational report posted, see Racing


PCC's at Treasure Island Racing Reports posted, see in Racing


The 505 fleet showed up enforce for Mission Bay’s Friday night Thing, see Racing.


King of the Bay Summary, see Racing.


USA 8024 for sale. See Marketplace.


SD NOOD Racing Report Posted. See Racing.


NOR San Diego NOOD 2007!


Posted new boat for sale, see Marketplace.


Posted NOP for the Fleet 3 White Elephant Party.


High Point Series Provisional Results 2006.

MBYC Trophy, Fleet Trophy Dinner, November 18


High Point Series standing have been updated!


Updated High Point Series standings have been posted.

Red Boat Sold!


Update site - crew list, boat list. We have had a great summer & it has been way too busy to update this site! (Lame excuse - but really good sailing!)


"Red Boat" for sale. See Marketplace


The 505 fleet is hosting a party for members and friends. This will be after the Triangle racing on Sunday down at the end of the picnic area in front of the kids play area. This is a good set up for current fleet members and past & current members who have taken a kid break.

Two time Fleet Captain Bill McKinney is running the show. The weather has been spectacular and the water at the ocean is up to 71!


2006 Invitational results.


2006 Invitational NOR Posted.


Racing at Hurricane Gulch (the Thrilla in Cabrilla) - read the racing reports.


May 13/14 Santa Cruz Regatta changed to June.


Bay to Bay race reports & results posted.


Eight boats turned out for racing at MBYC this last Sunday - post race story by the winner!


Schedule revised.


Bay to Bay announcement and NOR posted.


Rene posted some photos, more to follow. p/w NOOD


SDNOODs resuts posted in Racing.


The New Boat takes to the water! A report from Federico Lauro (Fede).

Eben and I (the new team) decided to get TNB (the new boat) in the water today for a midweek practice.

There were 10-15 kts. of breeze, quite fun on the kite reaches.
The goal of the practice was mainly to get the basics of boathandling down. I guess we are still debating on how to do the maneuvers in the best way,  while learning how to change gears.

Three lessons learned:
1) You cannot jibe from a tight reach into another tight reach until the pole is completely out. The pressure on the pole gets so big when you head up that it's impossible to push it out after.
2) Overloading the shroud tension adds compression on the spreaders and brutally depowers the main. When the boat feels underpowered, easing shroud tension gets you right back in the groove.
3) Make sure that the crew out on the wire is aware of the jibe (crew's fault, by the way), otherwise the boat and both ! sailors end in the drink (tried that one today)...

Wow, I can't wait until the NOODs, I'm so incredibly excited that all I can think is 505 right now!!!

See you all on the water,



Weather information updated in Local Links


SCYA Mid-Winters at ABYC (Kevin Taugher of ABYC)

Not a great turn-out but actually better than last year and pretty nice conditions. 10 boats in total, four from San Diego, four from LB and two from Nor Cal. The weather cooperated and we didnt get rained on either day. Saturday started out pretty typical with a slowly building wind but with a big righty at the first race start to make the course pretty skewed (almost a one tacker). Gary Lee and Dan Downing jumped out to a quick lead and held it to the end with Kevin/Chuck and Channing Hamlet closing in fast.  Race 2 was pretty similar with some big oscillations. The fleet stayed pretty close throughout with Kevin/Chuck rounding the leeward mark first but Andy/Ben sneaking in to steal the race as the breeze freshened. One more race in trap running conditions saw Andy/Ben launched but reeled in downwind by Pierre and Rob (nice going). Andy/Ben got away and continued to make it look easy on Sunday.

Great conditions on Sunday with winds up to 20kts in the final two races. A few packed it in early but they missed out on some prime planing conditions up and downwind. Special thanks to Sarah and Matthias (looking fast in their new Van Munster) and Mark and Jason (with Alan Normans old boat) for making the long trip south.

It was great seeing the San Diego fleet come up. They were pretty tough in the lighter conditions and hit the shifts really well.  Newcomers Sarah and Matthias also were pretty quick all around the course in the lighter and windier races.

Results below and at www.abyc.org.  Some pics available at www.gtsphotos.com

Kevin Taugher



Team Heavy at Midwinters (John Billings)

ABYC is a great place to sail for an away venue.  It is a relatively short and e.z. sail out to the race course, the bar has a good view (well tested), and the volunteers who ran the race know what they are doing and were really helpful.  Parking was not a problem.

 We saw some good wind Saturday (and Sunday afternoon). But…Bill and I did not see much racing, as Kitty was not ready to race Saturday morning after some repairs.  We were missing some hardware that did not make it back on the boat when I received it Friday night

 Things did not really change on Sunday, as the sailing highlights for Team Heavy included two starboard trap line breaking sequences.  It is amazing how far down underwater Bill goes when this type of thing happens.  As it was cold, his only printable comment was that the water was warmer than the air temperature. 

When we did sail, the fleet was really fun.  The starting line was not crazy & there was plenty of room.  All the boats were fairly evenly matched in performance.

 An excellent place to mess around with some stronger wind and flat water!

John Billings

US 7773



Sailing Mission Bay on SIB with Fleet Captain Gary Lee

The wind was great! Full white caps on the ocean side. Heading towards the club, the sand was lifting off the beach and blowing across the road (El Carmel) which leads to the club. Launching with the hoist was a pain, but with the jib tied up, Gary & I got SIB in the water. We sailed all over Mission Bay a number of times. The bow wake break while planning to weather was back about 3' and the nose was up about 6" above the water line. When wire reaching the bow wake break was back about 5'. Huge fun on the wire with the kite up.

Tortuga was out & looked great, with it's new crew & owner(s). Afterwards, Carl and Channing packed up and are now ready for Midwinter's at ABYC.

John Billings


Happy New Year! The White Elephant Party has come and gone & the new racing schedule is up. Some good wind is expected for racing tomorrow.


After another long hiatus ... awards dinner, fleet champ 5, fall dinghy, for sale, turkey day regatta, fleet captain.  Let me know if I missed anything.


After a long hiatus, the webmaster has done some work.  TNT reports, Fleet Champ standings, crew list, boat list, Bay 2 Bay write-up (with some pictures), marketplace, invitational NOR


Updated TNT write-ups.  More to be done soon ... update FC standings, remove Mike Jue, Add B2B write-ups.


Fleet Captain wins again ...TNT stories added.  Be sure to check out Geoff's excellent pictures in the writeup and the great(n't) breeze we had.


Added fleet captain boast about victory in the 5th TNT regatta, modified schedule -- correctly this time -- i think

fleet champ regatta is now 5 and no longer best of 6.


Updated TNT write-ups, added 2005 B2B NOR, modified schedule


Updated Fleet Championship Scores, Added Financial Position to Newsletter, TNT Reports Page, Fleet Champ 3 Results.  Added link to the Pacific Northwest Fleet


Edited crew list, added some pictures of the NOOD to the racing page


Added links to regatta scores on the Schedule Page. Added NOOD reports and links to photos and results to the Racing Page. The Fleet Championship scores have been updated and can be reached through the Racing Page as well.


It's another great day on the bay with SCRA... er, that would be MBYC. Check out the Racing Page for Fleet Captain Channing's report of last weekend's outing.


Always on the cutting edge, your Fleet 3 web site now links to the All New, Totally Cool North American Section 505 web site from all the main pages (Home, What's New, Schedule, Contacts, Racing, Local Links, Photo Gallery, Fleet Newsletter, Marketplace). Click the little red-white-and-blue graphic in the top left corner of this page and see what I mean. The scores of minor pages will continue to link to the old web site, honoring the tradition of our origins and my laziness in the face of many hours required to change them all.

Added Geoff's report of the first regatta this year to the Racing page.


Some BIG changes for ya this time! Minutes from the Fleet Meeting posted on the Fleet Newsletter page - DO NOT miss this one; chances are there is an action item with your name on it. 2005 racing (local and West coast) and RC duty schedules posted on the Schedule page. This is going to be an awesome year for racing, with a completely new twist to the Fleet Championship series. And finally, there is a change to the Crew List on the Contacts page - special prize to the first correct guess what it is!


Updated the Crew List and the Boat List (both on the Contacts page). Added accounts of the Road Kill rigging party and SDYC Hot Rum to the Racing page.


Posted White Elephant Party info and NOP on the Home page. Posted story and pictures from the MBYC Trophy Dinner on the Racing page. Updated the Fleet Captain contact info on the Contacts Page. Removed Dave Chatham's Rondar from the Marketplace page.


Embellished Rick's story a bit on the Racing page.


Posted Rick's version of the racing yesterday on the Racing page. Also updated the Boat List on the Contacts page.


Thanks to the altruistic impulses of a few good fleet members, the Racing page has been updated with thrilling accounts of the regatta two weekends ago.


Updated the Boat List (Contacts page) to reflect the introduction and impending onset of blatant commercialism to Fleet 3 of the International 505 Class Association, Planet Earth of the Milky Way Galaxy. Please god have mercy on our poor wretched souls.


Changed the name of 7095 in the Boat List (Contacts page) to the one the owners chose even though, while appropriately irreverent, it lacks the theatricality and owner-specific relevance that the boat's temporary name had.


Posted the latest Fleet 3 financial statement to the Fleet Newsletter page. It is boring to regard, but if you have any interest in where your money went this year ("you" being a dues paying member of Fleet 3 or payer of fees for the entry of Fleet 3 505 regattas) then please take a look.

Put all links to Invitational pictures in the story (see Racing page) and added appropriate references.


Updated the Racing page with everything you need to know about the big MBYC 505 Invitational.


Added a GPS track and some other cool stuff to the Bay to Bay report. Find it on the Racing Page.

Updated the Boat List on the Contacts Page.


Added a new boat for sale to the Marketplace Page.


Posted the story and results from the SCRA regatta last Saturday to the Racing Page. That was part of the Fleet Championship series, so the standings have been updated as well.

Posted Invitational NOR on the Racing Page.


Bill LeFever sold his Kyrwood, so the Marketplace page has been updated. It's not exactly Fleet 3 news, but here is Bill's message regarding the new owner:

Intl 505 #6988 Legio Mariae has been sold to Mike Duff of Kansas City.  He went sailing the next day and has this to report:

"We took #6988 out Sunday in 15-20kts with gusts in the mid 20’kts.  The idea was to take it out and see what would blow off of it.  To be brief WE Freaking Flew Around The Lake!!!!  Both my crew, who had never been on a wire, and I had a ball.  Any buyer’s remorse I had went entirely away when we bore off the first time and reached the mile and a half across the lake.  We passed several motor boats and even stayed with a windsurfer for a bit.  It would have been fun to surf on the waves but we were going so fast we just skipped across the troughs. "

Please welcome Mike and his crew to the class.  A current Thistle sailor, he plans on traveling to trounce the Denver and Oklahoma fleets.


Geoff Nelson and Mike Pollard decided to take Mike's newly acquired Rondar Classic out on the bay one day last month while Geoff showed Mike the ropes, so to speak. Here is their account of what happened next. It's a tale of daring the like of which we seldom hear about on our home waters. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!

Updated the Marketplace page. Added a new name to the Crew List.


Added new name to the Crew List.


Updated advertisement for 7152 on the Marketplace page. Updated some contact information on the Contact, Crew List, and Marketplace pages.


Updated the Racing page with all the info from the NAs and Worlds Check it out, it's pretty cool.

Also updated the Schedule to reflect new date for Fleet Championsip #3.


Mike Pollard recently acquired USA5691 from Rick Denney, creating quite a bit of work for your humble web scribe... Updated the Crew List, the Boat List, and the Marketplace page.


Added Bay to Bay reports to the Racing Page.


Updated the crew list (yet another name on the list). Posted PCC stories and results on the Racing Page.


Added a boat for sale in the Marketplace page. Posted a TNT story and a regatta report on the Racing page.


Stories, results, and series standings for Fleet Championship Regatta #2 posted on the Racing Page.

Updated the Boat List on the Contacts Page.


Posted several regatta reports for the months of May and June on the Racing Page.


Lots of modifications to the website to reflect the many recent changes within the fleet: Channing Hamlet bought TGIF (Crew List and Boat List); Bob was sold outside the fleet (Boat List); KAOS and Samba Pa Ti are now listed for sale (Marketplace and Boat List).

Welcome to the fleet Channing!


Updated schedule page with corrected date for the Bay to Bay race (July 24th).


Posted reports from the recent Santa Cruz and Cabrillo Beach regattas on the Racing Page.

Sometime between today and April 5th I also added Karl Liebat to the Crew List. Check this resource out! We have a really good pool of talent available, just a phone call away, to anyone who hasn't secured crew for the next big event.


Added contact info for Tom O'Toole on the Contacts Page/Crew List.


Lots of great action at the NOOD regatta this year. Report posted on the Racing Page.


Posted most current West Coast 505 schedule on the Schedule Page.


See the Racing Page for scores and stories from Fleet Championship Series regatta #1.

White Trash has been sold! New owners are local, and are keeping the name... no accounting for taste, as they say. Here's a photo of the happy couple proudly toasting their beautiful new yacht. Welcome to the fleet guys! Removed advertisement from Marketplace Page and updated the Boat List on the Contacts Page.


Four SD boats travel to Long Beach for the SCYA Midwinters. Check the Racing Page.


Worlds contender takes 505 regatta at MBYC. Read all about it on the Racing Page.


Posted a new potential crew to the Crew List on the Contacts Page.


Added minutes of recent fleet meeting to Fleet Newsletter page. Also updated Boat List (on Contacts page), Schedule page, and Marketplace page.


Posted schedules for racing, race committee duty, and the West Coast travel calendar on the Schedules Page.


Updated the Racing Page with tales of the ABYC Turkey Regatta and the MBYC trophy dinner. Hours and hours of reading pleasure.


After a long hiatus, your web scribe has returned! The Racing Page has been updated with accounts of the MBYC Turkey Regatta and the 505 White Elephant Party. Check it OUT!


Chris Stomberg has finally agreed to release the Kyrwood he restored so beautifully from his hoary grasp! See advertisement on the Marketplace Page.


Posted the Notice of Party for the 2003 White Elephant Party on the Racing Page. Check it out! You don't want to miss this one.


Posted a new name on the Crew List on the Contacts Page.


Another classic boat is for sale! Posted advertisement on the Marketplace page.

5 boats sailed in the November SCRA regatta. Read about all the action on the Racing page.


Reinstated the photos from the 2000 Invitational regatta on the Photo Gallery Page. See if you can figure out who has grown the most in the last 3 years!


Added a new name and contact information to the Crew List on the Contacts Page.


Added John Billings' report of last week's SCRA regatta. Lots of close match racing action. Check it out on the Racing Page.


Dan Thompson and Andy Zinn's Hamlin #7201 has been sold! San Diego FD sailor Doug Dommermuth, along with Harry Dunning, bought the boat so it moves to San Diego! Removed advertisement from the Marketplace page and updated the Boat List on the Contacts page.

Dan Merino finally figured out how to down load his B2B track from his GPS (with a little help from Steve). Added said track to the B2B reports on the Racing page. (You'll have to scroll down a bit once you get to the Racing page to find the B2B reports.) Take a look, it's pretty cool.


Woodcock's boat storage facility with attached house and yard has sold! Not to a Fleet 3 member though, unfortunately. Removed advertisement from Marketplace Page.


Added final Fleet Championship standings to the Racing Page.


Corrected address of Rum Party on Home Page and Fleet Newsletter. Should be 3333 Ocean Front Walk, not Beach Front Walk.

Made some changes to the Boat List on the Contacts Page.


Added final Fleet Championship status to the Racing Page.


Posted a Newsletter to the Fleet Newsletter page. No Fleet Meeting this quarter.


Added two TNT stories and a Fleet Championship story to the Racing Page.


Posted current Fleet Championship Standings on the Racing Page.


Posted John Billings' latest TNT report on the Racing Page.


Added new name to the Crew List - See Contacts Page.

Added boat workshop for sale to the Marketplace Page.


Added Chris Shand's TNT report to the Racing Page.


505 #7201, the boat Dan Thompson and Andy Zinn sailed to 10th place in the worlds a few years ago, is for sale to a worthy California team. See the ad on the Marketplace page.


Added Boat List and Crew List to the Contacts Page.

Removed links to non-existent Mainstay stories from the Newsletter Page.


Added Minutes and Financial Statement from the July 1 Fleet Meeting to the Newsletter Page.

Added Mike Barry's riveting come from behind tale of the MBYC Firecracker Regatta to the Racing Page.


Read Mike Jue's unique account of the TNT last week, and what happened afterward. Racing Page


The sails have been sold. Removed ad from Marketplace page.


Added several (okay, two) riveting stories about the recent Fleet Championship event.


Updated Fleet Championship Standings


Posted ad for sails on Marketplace page. 


Forever Plaid has been sold, and may be moving to San Diego! Removed ad from Marketplace page.


Added CBYC report to the Racing Page.


Added link to photos to PCCs reports.


Added Forever Plaid to the Marketplace page.

Updated High Point Series.


Posted Bay to Bay results and stories.

Posted PCCs reports.


Posted PCCs results.


Posted Bay2Bay info.


Posted NOR Release and Entry Form.


Posted Pacific Coast Championship NOR.

Posted High Point Standings.

Posted TGIF's writeup of the April SCRA Regatta


Posted White Trash's NOOD Writeup

Posted Ben Wood's Training Notes


Posted Bill's NOOD writeup

Removed Weasel ad

Posted the Fleet 3 Financial Statement (Excel), Stan Betts' RC Seminar Notes (Word), and the March Fleet Meeting notes (Word)


Preliminary PCC's Announcement was updated


Preliminary PCC's Announcement is posted


February Series Writeup by Steve Schnelker of team TGIF

Updated the Travel Schedule


Writeup of the MBYC Winter Series by Mike Barry of team Free-Bee


Belated Posting of Bill's excellent writeup of the White Elephant Party.  If you missed it -- what were you thinking?


USA 6991, Lindsay launcher for Sale - read about it on the Marketplace page.


Updated contact information on the 'Contacts' page.


Posted the 2003 Racing Schedule.  Check the 'Schedule' link.

Posted the Dec 3 meeting minutes in the 'Fleet Newsletter' section


Posted NOP for the Fleet 3 White Elephant Party.


Posted update: Turkey Regatta at MBYC.  Excuses, finishes and a report by Bill Jenkins.


Three 5o5's crashed SDYC's Hot Rum Regatta, again!. Check out the writeup.


Posted update: Small Boat Regatta, complete finishing order and wrap-up report by Mike Jue.


Posted updated High Point standings.


Posted most recent TNT reports by Bill Jenkins.


Posted updated High Point standingsRegatta report is posted, too.


Posted Bill's regatta report from the latest round of SCRA racing.


Added a second set of photos from the Invitational.  Be sure to check them out.


Schoolbus for sale - read about it on the Marketplace page.


Added Bill's regatta report to the Invitational Page.


Posted the unofficial Invitational results on the Racing Page.  Updated the High Point standings.  Added some fantastic photos of the event here.


Added a set of TNT Photos to the Photo Gallery Page.


Added John's report of June 6 to the TNT Reports.  Posted the Sailing Instructions for the Invitational on the Racing Page


Added TNT Reports. Added B2B reports and posted the TGIF track in a more prominent location on the B2B page.


The NOR for the MBYC Invitational on June 22-23, 2002 has been posted on the racing page.


Added Team Taz' account of the Bay to Bay to the Bay to Bay results and race reports page and added links to prior years' summaries.


Added Team Weasel's account of the Bay to Bay to the Bay to Bay results and race reports page


Bay to Bay results and race reports page added - stay tuned for updates


Posted opening day report by John Billings


Updated NOR for 2002 Bay to Bay with some important info including entry fee and a link to the course chart


Posted NOR for 2002 Bay to Bay
Posted Dan's SCYC writeup
Posted Chris' SCRA writeup


Posted the High Point Series standings


Posted Dan's writeup of the NOODs on the racing page.
Also posted an ad for a gybing board in the marketplace section.


Posted Dan's writeup of the SCYA midwinters on the racing page.


Posted Bill's writeup of the February Series


Added a link to the homepage for NOOD registration

Posted the High Point Series standings


January SCRA action added to the SCRA Racing Page


Added some gear for sale to the markeptlace page


Archived the 2001 Calendar. If for some strange reason you want to see it, here it is.


Dan and Denise Merino hosted the White Elephant Party again this year. It was a tremendous success as usual. Read all about it.

Posted a BS Report from Mike Jue


Three 5o5's crashed SDYC's Hot Rum Regatta. Check out the writeup.


Dan and Denise Merino are hosting the 3rd Annual 505 Fleet 3 White Elephant Christmas Party. Here is the Notice of Party

Check out John Billings proudly displaying his Demolition Award